• Woods Used: Karelian birch, ebony, pink ivory
  • Size: 6"x5"x4" (approx)
  • Storage: 3 x 5 cards
  • Contact me re: price and availibility

This is another one of the Contribution boxes which are meant to house 3 x 5 cards. Like for recipes. But the idea that someone might store recipes (or anything else) on 3 x 5 cards seems to be a bit old fashioned. Probably every recipe ever conceived is available somewhere on the web. You can Google any of them and when you find something appealing you can just add the link to your favorites.

Hundreds, thousands, millions of recipes on your phone or tablet, searchable by keyword or category. Instantly available. What's the point of 3 x 5 cards? Handwriting practice?

The digital world has opened new horizons for the storage of...digits. But there still is a tangible world. Things that occupy the same spaces as we do. That have weight, carry meaning in their substance. Evoke other materials. Conjure feelings, emotions.

The analog world. Just like the old days.

Maybe there is a there there?

The guy that purchased this box said he's not interested in storing 3 x 5 cards, even with delicious reciples inscribed on them. He just likes the look of the box, particularly the handle. Maybe someday he'll find something he wants to put in it. For now, however, it will just sit on his desk, empty, hiding nothing. Devoid of duty, purpose. Ornament.

Almost, but not quite, art.

(As it turns out, the "guy" from above - he's a very nice person named San Martin - has decided to use the box to store 3 x 5 cards, but not with recipes on them. Rather, he will "use the cards to write down words of inspiration, thoughtfulness, scripture, and ways of being from authors such as Wayne Dyer and others. It will hold treasured thoughts that resonated with me. They will pass to my children when I leave for the next adventure.")

Honestly, I can't think of a better use.