Box       wenge, english brown oak, ebony 9-1/2"x7"x3-1/4" (approx) sold


Square. Level. Plumb. Words to live by, right?

Usually. But sometimes you just have to step outside, or inside, and test your fettle in the world of real numbers, fractional inconsistency and floating point notation. Triangle, trapezoid, rhombus. Uncharted angles; unexpected intersections. Entry and exit problems. Colliding paths.

Radians, minutes, seconds spiraling into infinity.

What is it about a funhouse that's fun? Hint of instability? A tiny toe tip into discombobulation?

Shivering glimpse of the unimaginable? 

I doubt this box is what anyone would call an artistic success. As usual, I'm too close to even see it. Karen likes it, but she's biased in my favor.


The next one, I'm sure, will be a more conventional shape. Symmetry beckons.

 But this was fun to do, requiring a substantial plan and attention to detail. Mocked up and templated, I still wobbled into error.


And had to piece the positions in place.