Mesquite Triumphant
Last Updated: 10/21/2006

We have this little space between our kitchen and the living room. Originally, there were to be two identical shelves on either side, stuff we might buy from a local decorator's store.

But I decided to "make something". I had some wenge, and mesquite and zebrawood and for some reason thought they might go together. And I felt like making something that would be as close to floating as could be.

The counter (zebrawood) is sitting on the tip of the wenge curves, attached with a ⅛" dowel, right at the tip. Since this is a fixed attachment the zebrawood shouldn't really be fixed at the back, so it's mortised on its back edge to accept the mesquite tenon, but there's no glue in the joint so it's free to move, if it wants. It's not really floating, but...

The mesquite was to play a very small part, which grew over time. Now, we laughingly call it "Mesquite Triumphant". It got to sit on top.





Last Updated: 10/21/2006