Box curly sycamore, purpleheart 9"x8"x3-1/2" (approx) sold

 The Purple Box

Dan, my son, likes purple. So I decided to make a purple box. Maybe he'd like it. Maybe not.

Naturally, purpleheart would be required. I know that it won't stay purple. It seems the amount of sunlight to which the piece is exposed determines how long it remains purple. And I've read somewhere that the kind of finish used may have some effect, one way or another. But I didn't care. As long as it "started" purple, I'd be happy. Dan wouldn't care, anyway.

So I'm at Monteath and I see this hunk of purpleheart, checked, dirty, dusty, probably used as a rail for a skid. I grab it and ask Buzzy for the price. I'm buying a fair amount of wood so he says it's on him. Great beginning.

I get it home, cut down below the checks, true some pieces. Immediately I see that this wood is going to be seriously recalcitrant. I don't know much about purpleheart in general, but I can tell you about this particular piece. Its got a heart of stone. Is not going to cooperate at all.

But I persist. A purpleheart top, out of the question. Not with this. Even if I could get a nice surface (which I doubt) the figure really had nothing to recommend it. Anyway, I wouldn't give it the satisfaction. So what goes with purpleheart? It seemed to clash with everything else. I's purple, for god's sake! But the heavy contrast (with curly sycamore) was strawberry shortcake and then it was off into the clouds – odd stand, faceted handle, the wax has a touch of purple. Will that matter in the long run?. Probably not.

But Dan thinks it's not quite purple. He chose one with an ergonomic handle. Oh well, what the hell. Maybe someone else.