Box anigre, imbuya, ebony 10"x5"x2-1/2" (approx) sold  


This is my favorite. Anigre and this piece of bookmatched imbuya. 

I love the way they go together. Anigre's peaceful, straight-laced lines, Imbuya's rabble-rousing curves. Even their names sound cool. Anigre. Imbuya. You can hear the rainforest.

And they're so much fun to work with. Anigre is gracious and forgiving, as dependable as a good friend. Imbuya is a chameleon, changing its color, changing its character, right in front of your eyes.

They both take a finish beautifully, handle deliciously.

And, to top it all off, imbuya has that peculiar spicy fragrance when you work it. Sharper than Christmas trees. Nothing else like it.

(Anyone who's worked with wood, or been in a cabinet shop a lot, knows that wood smells, odors, fragrances, can be overpowering, almost intoxicating. For instance, it's pretty obvious when you're working with rosewood why it's called rosewood. It's definitely not for the way it looks. 

These smells don't usually linger - one notable exception being cedar -  so if you're not in the shop you don't get to experience this.  One of the perks of woodworking, I guess.)

This handle (ebony again) is attached a little differently than the others. Its grain goes crossways. An integral tenon would be incorrect, so it's a floating tenon inside, mortised into the handle on one side and through the top (wedged, as usual) on the other.