Box Yew, pine 12"x5"x3" (approx) sold

 Damp Cabin in the Mountains 

Someone, who shall remain nameless, doesn't like this box at all. Says it reminds her of  "damp cabins in the mountains."

I do not share this view. I like it, especially because the heartwood – the box is English Yew – will continue to darken to a deep red-brown while the sapwood remains cream colored. The idea of one part of the wood changing color and not the other appeals to me, for some reason. Seems adaptive, contemplative.

I couldn't find anything better than pine for the handle (to match the sapwood) although I would like to use a hardwood in the future, provided it has a nice creamy color. The top is just some bookmatched pieces. Followed the edge of the tree, nice organic (what else would it be?) curve.

This wood works beautifully (though it has a tendency to rip out a little at the knots). Feels great.

And I think that if someone had one of those stark, geometric, glass houses in the woods somewhere (maybe the mountains) that this box would look great on their tubular steel and granite coffee table. They could keep - oh, I don't know - things, in it.