Box curly maple, purpleheart, pink ivory 10-1/2"x9"x4-1/2" (approx) sold


Someone, who shall remain nameless, thinks this box looks like something out of "The Nightmare Before Christmas" and this time, I have to agree with her. It's like a crab, ready to scuttle off the table. I probably should have added stalk eyes for the handle, or something like that. 

The box is more of that purpleheart and, as is becoming usual around here, another sycamore top. And pink ivory. Which is so definitely pink it's almost ridiculous. How did it get to be this way, so unabashedly, unnaturally pink? What elements could have conspired to produce this? Some quirk of soil and sun?



You can almost hear them, giggling,

"How pink can pink be? Let's find out!"