Box anigre, bocote, ebony 12"x7"x2-1/2" (approx) sold

 Mexican Queen

The top of this box is made of book-matched pieces of bocote, which is sometimes called Mexican Rosewood. It’s a hard, heavy, oily wood from Central America, very nice to work. And its colors are impossibly delicate.



The box is anigre; the ebony handle is attached with a floating tenon, mortised into the handle on one side and wedged (maple) through the top on the other.

If you’ve noticed that the handle is not in the center of the top, you’re right. It isn’t.

 If you've noticed that the top is not perfectly flat, you're right. It isn't.

See these comments.

As for the name, that has to do with the movie “African Queen”, which starred Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn (a great film!).  The African Queen is a pathetic little steamboat sailing a wild jungle river during World War I. There's low comedy - Bogart's a drunk, Hepburn's a prude, high adventure - a plot to sink a German battleship -and wonderful dialogue:

“I now pronounce you man and wife. Proceed with the execution”…