I welcome any feedback about this site, or my shop, or Kandi boxes, but I already have lots of problems with spammers so my email address is not a mailto but a graphic, which is harder to scrape. And that means you have to manually enter it into whatever email package you use at least once. Sorry, but we live in perilous times.

If you're interested in buying one of the boxes there's a few things that should be pointed out:
Each kandi box has an unconditional guarantee.
If you don't like it send it back. I'll return your money. I have no desire to cause anyone regret, disappointment, second thoughts. That's not what kandi boxes are about. Just let me know in a reasonable length of time.
Each box is different.
It's the nature of wood. The chance that one piece of spalted maple exactly duplicates another is infinitesmal. Even if they're cut from the same tree. And since the initial cuts for the boxes are dependent on what I see in the wood it's extremely unlikely that one box will be exactly the same as another. Add to that the fact that I might change a shape or a detail just on a whim and the chances of duplication become even more remote.
Each box is made out of wood.
I know that's stating the obvious but I've seen sites wherein the products are claimed to be made of the "finest timbers". What in the world does that mean, anyway? More expensive? Rarer? Prep school education? This kind of thinking might cause inferiority complexes in other "timbers." Do we really want to go there?
I just see individual pieces of wood, and then try to utilize that piece's most compelling features, within the constraints of the design, whether it's strength, stablility, figure, color, whatever. 
I don't ask wood background questions... 
Each box is made as well as I can make it.
That doesn’t mean they're perfect. And I have no idea how many lifetimes they will last. But I do try my best. Hopefully, you'll like the results.
Buying one is easy.
Just let me know which box you want (my email address is above ) and we'll make arrangements.

Steve Altman